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Please feel free to try out the freeware version of GPS Utility before you register. This is more or less fully functional and it is not time limited. Remember that it is limited in capacity (100 waypoints, 500 trackpoints, 5 routes), but this allows you to try out most of the function on small datasets.

The registered version can deal with up to 65,000 waypoints or 500,000 trackpoints and provides a number of advanced facilities. For more details, see the Help topics "freeware version" and "registered version" in GPSU.

You can register via or you can go to The Shareit Catalog and enter the progam name "GPS Utility" in the search box.

or Click Shareit Logo

The registration fee is US$60.

Shareit may add VAT (Value Added Tax) to this amount depending upon your country of purchase.

Alternatively, if you wish to register by post using a UK cheque made out in GBP, go to the Help menu in GPSU and follow "How to Register" - non-credit card orders - Registration form. The price by UK cheque is 42 (VAT free).

Please note that your registration can take up to 48 hours. However, it is often much shorter than this, but on rare occasions it could take 72 hours. Registrations are not instantaneous as they are processed manually usually twice per day.

To register you need to supply a "registration name". This should be between 6 and 72 characters long. It may contain spaces and punctuation - for example, "A. N. Other".

Names should be specific and should identify the person or group/department who will be using the software. Ambiguous or non-specific names may delay your registration. GPS Utility Limited may modify the registration name so that it is more specific.

Large companies or organisations should specify a registration name that includes a group, department or regional office name. If using Shareit to register with a company name, then make sure that the company name field specifies the user or user group.

For a site multiple licence, please send an email describing your requirements (email address below).

Note: Once the program has been registered, it is not possible to withdraw the registration. Please ensure that the program fully satisfies your requirements before registering. If, once registered, you do have a problem with the program, please email the author - see Service & Support.

Customer Service:

If you have already ordered software and would like to view data relating to your order, or if you have questions about orders, payments, or delivery, please visit the Customer Care Center.

If you have not received your registration details within 72 hours then please check your spam filter trash box to make sure the email is not being treated as SPAM mail.

Shareit is owned by Digital River and use an operating company name of "Element5". This means that your purchase will show up on your credit card statement in a line similar to:
You can check your order by going to Alternatively go to the Shareit Customer Service panel at and click on Payment:"What is this charge on my credit card/debit card statement", then click "here" and enter your email address and the last 4 digits of the credit card number. Do not contact GPS Utility Ltd. as we cannot check the financial details of your Shareit transaction.

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